Building a house is a lot like a relationship

new construction, cottage country, modern

Just how is building a house a lot like a relationship you might ask?
Well to start with if you don’t make a point of being in each and every moment/stage along the way you may miss out on the experience on a whole.
It’s the journey not the destination.
Taking pictures and seeing the progress really puts things in perspective.

Here’s whats been happening since Dec 2017.

We clearly got here too early. Apparently April is too early.
Case in point one, it was cold and snowy.


Case in point two, it was so cold there were large animals walking across the lake and NOT breaking through.

animal tracks, frozen lake, winter in the country
If that’s not ridiculous enough (which it is) I could go on and mention the freak storms we were hit with be it snow, ice, or wind.  All these storms only go to strengthen my initial point of us getting here WAY to early this year!

That’s Canada for you.  She’s got a wicked sense of humour when it comes to weather.
Than again, what the heck would there be to bond with strangers over if it weren’t for the conversations of how we survived these insane weather pockets!

On the same note, being here early allowed us to watch the absolute miracle this place is,
going from a frozen tundra to watching the Trilliums pop out and ferns unroll.

trillium flower, landscape, nature

How does anything survive those temperatures.

We were also here when call of the loon made it’s debut on the lake, watched 5 wild turkeys discover the joy that is my bird feeder and captured a fox on video wandering around the trailer.

All in all it’s been pretty amazing even though we had to at times, wear all of our clothes and leaving the property  was sometimes less of a ‘don’t want to’ and more of  a ‘we can’t get out of the driveway’ kind of thing.

Work hasn’t stopped here.
Big plus – we got INTERNET yippee!
Hello NETFLIX and chill.

The prep for the siding is coming along.

Getting ready for siding.

All the windows and patio doors are in.
Here’s a preview of the 2nd floor:

We tackled the railings.

Putting in the railings

I would say we won!

Back deck railing

Even on a rainy day this view is breathtaking.

Front deck railing

We have a front door.

Front door

A sexy new poop tank with a view.

Septic with a view

Ok ok went too far, not sexy in the traditional way.

Septic means we have more rock to bust through.
Here’s Stevo pouring out the Ecobust to crack that rock.

Rock breaking

I’m sure the people from the other side of the lake are like ‘what the heck is going on over there’?


Also happy to announce we now have a picnic table at the camp and some cool lighting.

Bare bulbs lit on trailer

There’s also been a great deal of digging and raking going on that was not captured in photo form. Your welcome!

Building a house is actually a lot more like an onion.  The finished product doesn’t give away the layers upon layers of hard work, determination and faith that went into building it – until you cut it in half.
My analogies seem to be failing in epic ways – duly noted!

Still a ways to go.  Little bit by little bit getting there.


2 thoughts

  1. Stevo and Chrissy
    Have been wanting to talk with you! Been trying to figure out what you are doing and where you are???
    I have a litle vieo I wanted to send you but couldnt find your contact.
    Hope this gets to you so we can re-connect!
    Looks like you are landlubbers again??? Did you sell the boat?
    Would love to hear from you!
    Sam & Jerry Spitler


    1. Hi Sam and Jerry !!
      We are still up to shenanigans. Hit a lot of irons in the fire and will be updating soon 😉
      As I type this we are in Canada building our dream home in Ontario but lots of other stuff going too – as usual.
      Keep wanting to take a road trip to come see you guys.
      Send us an email at


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