Greek Lemon Garlic Rice Salad!

Lemon Garlic Rice Salad

This salad travels great for work, school, picnics.
It’s healthy, tastes great and it’s filling.

Best thing about it is you can throw it together in 6 minutes if you have the Greek Lemon Rice side dish left over from the night before.
If not you will need to start at that recipe so click here and than come back later for this quick lunch idea!

cold leftover Greek Lemon Garlic Rice
any leftover protein taking up space in the fridge (chicken, steak etc)
red onions
sliced black olives
vinaigrette dressing like Sweet Onion or Zesty Italian
Pepper and Salt to taste


SLICE & DICE everything
THROW it all together

Thats it. You’re done.
Now all you have left to do is relax and enjoy your life.

Every recipe should be this adorable!


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