Nafplia Palace, abandoned Greece – a surprise ending

Some places sit in stillness where there was once laughter and excitement.

They bloom wild overtop the once manicured landscape.

We refer to these places as ‘someone had a dream’ spots and we like to hang out and explore them.

Nafplia Palace is located in Nafplion Greece, a quaint sea side vacation town.

This is rooftop level:

I imagine guest drop offs here, maybe even by helicopter.

Head on down the driveway to a descending walkway that deposits you here.

In the above pic I’m standing on the walkway behind a chain blocking the path.

Let’s explore shall we.

The videos in this post are made in fun.

There is no factual content within them. Just for fun people!

Five star minimalism set in a stunning Mediterranean back drop.

Beautiful yet confusing. Why the made up tables?

This walkway is cool but also stark.

Not actually for sale!

Ahhhh a chained door.

This is like a welcome mat to Steve. Put a lock on it and it becomes that much more intriguing!

However this lock was impassable.

Infinity pool ready to go…for no one?

These are the guest houses. Not one lemon on the ground?

Surprise! Turns out this place is open for business 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you want to book a room at this weirdly abandoned spot go here

My guess is it’s used for events mainly.

As we stand here we spot our next destination in the distance…

Tucked in the corner there. Looking lonely.

Now to figure out how to get from here to there.

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