Nafplio Greece – abandoned beauty

Seeing this hotel from across the bay made it a desirable destination.

In a protected little cove it boasts an incredible western exposure.

If I was a hotel developer I’d be be looking at this spot and rubbing my hot little hands together in anticipation of this blank canvas opportunity.

Thinking ‘yesssss this place is going to be amazing!”

And it was. Until it wasn’t…

I’d like to start with what is known about this derelict property – nothing. Ok, now we can begin!

It’s a completely different snack bracket from the Nafplia Palace 1/4 of the size at least but way more atmosphere, if that makes sense.

Where Nafplia Palace focused on luxury this place made the natural surrounding beauty it’s focal point.

The water, the sky, the sunset and the hillside.

My kinda place.

We were there at sunset and let me tell you it was an event.

This appears to be a small common area.

Some local urban artists have been here.

Much like the other abandoned places we’ve visited in Greece, they leave their tags and not much else.

Place is pretty spotless.

The graffiti was pretty impressive too.

Not much time left once the sun goes down and as usual my phone/flashlight is at 8%.

I asked the question, ‘Is this place saveable’ and got ‘Sure everything is saveable if you have …

…the time

…and the money.

Truer words let’s just hit a cafe and ponder.

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