Goin to Georgia Gonna Eat Me Some Peaches – Day 3

Truck RampWe left the town of Hillsville really early 7:30 it was pretty chilly really only 11degrees Celsius, well that was going to change.
Hey here’s a cool thing – I thought it was a driveway but apparently its used when you lose your brakes on these declines.  Just drive up the ramp.  Here I am thinking wow that must be awful for those people with THAT driveway in the winter, such a Dodo.

Coming down out of the mountains we thought “let’s set the GPS to scenic route”.  This turned out to be the lush green version of the prairies.
By 11 am it was 32 degrees Celsius!!
Aside from the Piggly Wiggly there was the odd gas station:
Gas Station

And really no restaurants:
Resto 1

After what seemed like a very long flat and eventless drive we stopped for lunch and made the decision to head to Savannah Georgia.  As we came into town the car dropped yet another part underneath and started dragging VERY noisily (thanks Robbie).  Even with the windows tinted, I wanted to slide to the floor out of sight OMG it was noisy!
Luckily Steve had tools (of course) and managed to pry it off.  I asked what that meant and he just said it was fine and wasn’t that important…well ok then I’ll just go with that!

Its exactly the way you picture it in your mind.  Moss hangs from the trees like a historical romance novel, ornate iron gates guard buildings put up in the 1800’s and the riverfront is amazing.
River Walk2

River Walk 3


It’s like someone plopped Toronto’s Distillery District at the Harbourfront cobblestone streets and gas lanterns lighting your way.
River Walk

We found an Irish Bar along the riverfront and were lucky enough to catch Harry O’Donoghue’s (www.harryodonoghue.com) performance.  An Irish Folk Singer with a great voice and the personality to match.  His CD’s will make for some great listening on the boat I think.
It’s funny that no matter where you go in the world there’s an Irish Bar and for the most part it’s filled with Irish folk clapping and singing along to all those familiar songs of their childhood.  Steve knows Dirty Old Town and I know Gallway Girl (PS I Love You) that’s it really.  This doesn’t stop us from joining in where we can.
We always feel the welcoming warmth – or maybe that’s just the beer 😉

Just when we thought we had seen the ‘usual’ peeps hanging out Irish pub style in walked these two:
Bride and Groom

Just a bride and her groom in for a pint after their ceremony.  All of a sudden we the patrons became the after party and Harry the entertainment.  Congratulations to nurse Tracy and police officer Wes (hope I remembered those right!)

600 Km  – CHECK!





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