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What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

Georgia Florida Line – Day 4


Georgia house

We closed out beautiful Savannah with one of those hop on hop off free tours.  This place is so romantic and creepy (in a good way) at the same time.

Jumped in the car went to the post office where I needed to relearn how to write a postcard ie which side does the address go, where does the stamp go there used to be a spot that showed the stamp, anyways it’s funny how FAR away we’ve come from postcards sending.
WHO doesn’t love getting a postcard?!
When was the last time you got one, forever right well there’s still some family not online YET so it had to be done and there it is.

We started the trek to Jacksonville at 1:30pm, stormy skies and a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius (seeing a weather pattern here) the rain didn’t come.


The car now has new noises, scary ‘did you hear that omg we can only hope it’s something else that fell off half way and is dragging’ noises.

We blew past Jacksonville and ended up in a very amusement park type place called St Augustine.
It’s got fountains, gift shops, ice cream, chocolate and popcorn shops.
Bars, restaurants and pedestrian roads.
If I was say 10 years old and someone asked me to build a town this would be it.  Who knew!

Today was a 300 km day.


4 thoughts on “Georgia Florida Line – Day 4

  1. Last days of land are being good to you.
    Happy trails. GOD SPEED
    💞Love You Lots XOXOXO


  2. I hate hypocrites, so when I tell you that you have real literary talent, please know that this truth comes from the bottom of my heart (norm speaking). You are clearly a reader, as well as a mensch. Please keep writing krisia. I am an avid reader, and I have some appreciation for quality writing. SEE, YOUR MOM WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU ALL ALONG. YOU’VE REALLY GOT THAT ROYAL JELLY!


  3. Stefan: Basia has just told me you are a carbon copy of her grandfather. There is no higher complement! God bless you and keep you. You seem to be Krisia’s shmugo.


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