Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


Here’s how the conversation (via email) started…hey Kimmy wanna go to Fairview Mall for lunch today? Little background, Kim and I worked together in Toronto.
We used have lunch at the mall occasionally.
This is physically impossible now but we made it work!

Plan put in place and executed in 24hrs and blammo here she was down for a visit. – how amazing is THAT!

Captain Stevo was away for a week so it was time for me to get a little independent.
We’ve done everything together for 8 months now and this was the 1st week we were apart – SOB!

With no car just the $2 safari, you can get anywhere on the island.

Here’s Kimmy talking to a guy going to a job interview, very rarely can you sit with the person you came with on a safari.

We went to Charlotte Amalie and had this very awesome lunch at Greengos.  Which I incidentally have adapted for the Knot Anchored menu mmm…

And the most awesomest Spicy Margarita EVER!  YES I said SPICY!


We paid homage to our 3rd amigo from work …


Ending the day with some R & R back on Knot Anchored.

Whilst preparing a mini snack for ourselves that evening, we came across this and found it so intriguing that we took a picture of it.
Since we took a picture of it I’m including it here as well.

IMG_1798It’s a pickle in a jar.
One pickle – WHO leaves one pickle in a HUGE jar in the fridge.
People seriously – don’t do that.
#1 it makes you THINK you have pickles when you look in the fridge and
#2 It’s a waste – just eat it!

Our midnight snack on the trampoline toasting all friends with us in spirit was fun and delish.

IMG_1800Notice the very few pickle slices…

The following day we took the dinghy across the bay to Christmas Cove.

The waves made our teeth rattle with every dinghy slam but it was worth it once we got in.
And then the dinghy stopped working and we started to drift dangerously close to the jagged, rocky shore as we paddled furiously away from it.
That’s how quickly things can go from Amazo to Holy Crap!

We were rescued by another Catamaran, Pisces who even though they were on charter, took the time to figure out our problem.

We were out of gas…
So when Stevo says ‘the dinghy’s good to go’.
It means the dinghy is there to be taken, perhaps with no gas!
Anyways… we survived AND meant new people.
And learned a lesson – always check for gas lol.

Back to the boat for sunset which was really pulling out all the stops this particular evening.


The sky was literally on fire.

The lagoonies were out.

All was right with the world.

I received this very beautiful and sparkly caticorn card for my birthday 🙂

It’s a cat, with a horn and it’s sparkly – drop the mic!

Following day was our road / ferry trip to St John.
Never taken the ferry over before so it was just as much an adventure for me as it was for K who was ready for anything in her floppy hat!


Look at us, all independent and in control going on an adventure – selfie!

IMG_1830And then…not so much!

Got to St John, went straight to the only place in town with yummy draft beer only to find it had burned down in a fire last week – sadness.
Got mopey for 3 minutes and then we moved on!

We got a ride in a safari (but up front) and were given a mini personal tour on our way to Trunk Bay.
Trunk Bay gets a bad rap but it’s a gorgeous beach with an underwater snorkeling trail.
Yes its very busy but that makes for great people watching.

And you can always find a spot to make your own.
This was ours:

And when that got boring you lay down and then this was our view:

IMG_1835Didn’t find anything bad about this place.

IMG_1840Nope, just checked again, still like it here!

IMG_1842When Stevo returned home we hit the water and were released from the Marina just in time for another sunset – yay!


Is there a better remote office anywhere?!

Headed over to Sandy Spit for a walk about and some lunch.

That night it was THE full moon and it was – spectacular.

Almost made it to Bomba Shack…almost!

This was K’s last day, a little more sailing, a little more sun…
What a great visit ❤




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