Farewell Beautiful Grenada


Before we got to do this and get all wild and fuzzy…There was a lot of work that had to be done.
Grenada is the place to be if you need work done and BONUS we had our friends onboard so…more hands lighter work or something like that!


The sails needed to go up, the batteries put in, the bilge pump looked at and on and on the list went but we all pitched in and worked miracles.
This was the first time Stevo ever had any help with the boat.
Oh ya I’m always there and in my opinion Uber helpful but here were people who knew what a doodad was and it’s importance without an explanation.
It was nice.

One of the big miracles us ladies accomplished was provisioning.
I too was treated with incredible helpful friends!
Provisioning, historically is not fun to do but you have to if you want this:


or this…

Yes we could have just gone with PB & J but you know what, food is a big part of sailing and morale.
You get the salt air, swimming and sunshine and it takes a lot out of you.

Food is good.
Good food is great.
As Stevo likes to say:

Why be good when you can be great!

Agreed.  So a provisioning we went.

Four grocery carts – mamma mia!

checking out

Oh ya and the beverage cart!

check out booze cart
Need to stay hydrated.

Needless to say an audience of sorts was starting to converge around our carts.
Grocery boys came from far and wide to see the wonder…

check out help

“Hey lady” at least they didn’t call us m’am!
“You shoppin for the whole year?”
No just a week.
And more people started coming over.

This doesn’t happen in St Thomas.  You could have 22 carts of groceries and still no cashiers open and definitely no smiling helpful lads!!
Love those guys.

And I think they loved us too 🙂

loading up the groceries

There was something very surreal about grocery shopping in our shorts whilst listening to Christmas music surrounded by palm trees.
Good thing we got a van sheesh!

Now we were ready to go.

ready to go
Five people bravely jumping in feet first to the complete unknown.
This wasn’t a charter, this was a life experience.

Once we left the warmth and beauty of Grenada and it’s people, there would be no hand holding or bubble wrap here – it would be just us, the ocean and the weather.
All completely unpredictable.
All completely unforgettable.

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