A Night Sailing we will go..

It was time to officially start the “sailing” portion of this adventure and the unknown so as creatures of habit we all found a spot on the yacht and made it comfy.GOPR0886
In order to get to the ‘good stuff’ we needed to haul ass and get going.
Grenada to Tobago Cays.

As you can see there was plenty of space for us all to spread out and hunker down.
As the day/evening progressed people moved around and switched it up but at no time were we in each others personal space or bumping into each other.
Knot Anchored has lots of room and lots of elevations to get comfortable on.

Everyone was excited.
Not only were we sailing today, we were sailing tonight too.

Unfortunately pictures don’t do the night sail justice.
Here’s one:


This was truly a spectacular sight.
You feel small in the the sheer vastness that is the ocean at night, it’s awe inspiring.
Everywhere you turn in your day to day routine there’s things, buildings, cars, more buildings it’s these vast open spaces that are truly special and rare be it a forest or the ocean.
You feel it’s awesomeness more than you see it.
If that makes sense!

Let’s play a game, it’s called “What the Heck is this?”


I certainly couldn’t tell at the time.  To me it looked like a round I don’t know what.
I’ve lightened it to help see it clearer, this is a massive schooner.
There’s tons of cruise ships out there at night and they’re easy to identify but this…was a first for me.

At one point we were all lined up together, Knot Anchored, this schooner and in the distance a cruise ship.
Totally impossible to photograph though.

Carricou came and went as did Union Island.  We did a lot of signing in and signing out of each territory.
Sometimes they yell at you – sometimes they are indifferent, actually most times they are indifferent.
Either way it gets you in and out and back to sailing so you do what you have to do!
Who doesn’t love getting their passport stamped seriously.

We didn’t make it to Tobago Cays which was our goal BUT we did make it to this pretty little place:


This is Palm Island.  It has one thing on it, The Palm Resort and it is a beautiful combination of off the beaten path and complete luxury.
If you’re coming here you want to just lay low and chill.

We swam into shore, walked the beach and watched the sun drop it was perfect.
There’s something about looking out from land and seeing a catamaran floating out front, especially yours!



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