Greece – Athen’s seaside park and marina

Flisvos marina, yachts, greece, Athens

Greece has a unique and diverse landscape.  It was for this reason we had to change up our accommodations.
We went from downtown Athens to the outskirts and closer to the seaside.  Still a very urban built up area just in a different spot.
The area is Palaio Faliro.  There are many variations on the spelling of this but google understands and will guide you if you choose to look into this area further.

There are two marinas within walking distance Flisvos and Alimos.

This is Alimos.
Greece, Athens, catamaran, waterfront

Marina Alimos is one of the largest marinas in Athens with capacity for 1000 boats.  Its the spot we picked up our charter catamaran (blog post coming soon).
Super easy to get to and close to stocked grocery stores for provisioning.

Hmmmm nice ring to it…
Greece, yacht, Athens

We happened to be in this area in April which is scratching the start of the chartering season in Greece.
It became a destination for our walks.  We would pack a lunch and head over to Alimos to watch them splash the boats.

I have to admit it’s a lot easier to watch this when it’s not your boat!

The neighborhood is cozy and eclectic.
Pretty sure the little old man from the Disney movie UP lives here:Greece, Athens, cute home, garden knome
Or maybe Snow White.  Bunnies, disco balls, dwarfs hard not to smile walking past this place.
All around this house is apartment buildings.  The streets are narrow.
Canada in comparison seems like an abandoned country when you see how close people live to each other here.
It works.

The other marina was closer to our apartment, Flisvos Marina.
It’s a private marina loaded with shops and cafes overlooking the waterfront and the mega yachts that live there.

Along one side of the marina is the sunset wall.  Great spot to sit, with a bottle of wine or a coffee and watch the sailing school doing their thing out on the water.

Sailing school, Greece, Athens, Couple watching sunset

It’s up high and has no safety railings to keep you from falling into the water OR over the side to walkway below.
Be forewarned.  It’s the only warning you will get.
Yes, this is reality based sarcasm.
No bubble wrapping going on here.  If you fall over, either side, well that’s pretty much on you.
As it should be in my opinion.

walkway, waterfront, Greece, Athens

Everything is closed in Athens on Sundays.
It’s still a family day here and the families come here to Flisvos Marina to eat ice cream and sit in the sun.Marina Flisvos, Cafe, people watching, Greece, Athens

Flisvos has another aspect to it as well.  It’s a seaside park.
They have workout spots to do pull ups, playgrounds, cafes, people fishing, swimming but most importantly there’s old school candy carts!candy cart, Greece, Athens, popcorn, happiness, seaside park

Everyone flocks to this area to watch the spectacular sunset.  If you can’t be on a boat this is the next best option.sunset, Greece, Athens, model shoot, seaside park

When the day is done you can walk back up to your cool little neighborhood (right past the Starbucks) no offence, to a plethora of shops and cafes along the trendy little street Agio Alexandrou.

Shops like this, the Coffee Lab.IMG_8377

Smoothest cold brew coffee imaginable lives here!

But if coffee’s not your thing than you can have this super nice person fix you a tea.

With this super weird contraption.IMG_8366

And maybe some chocolate..IMG_8378

If it’s a Pita you’re looking for and you’re in this area you MUST stop by the Pita Bar:
Pita Bar

There are many MANY restaurants who serve authentic Greek food like Gyros and the like but this became our go to.  Here’s why:
They open at 11am.  Perfect for what became a regular brunch spot!
On our street.
The food is off the hook and the draft beer is icy cold.
Dine here for all of $9 and roll out the door.
But most importantly this guy:


This is Jason (on the right).  He was one of the reasons we kept coming back to this place.
Smart, helpful and insightful well beyond his years, wish we could have talked more.
An old soul.
Whatever it is he goes on to do, will be a success.

People are people wherever you go in this world.
We’re all fighting the good fight every day trying to figure this life out.
Smile.  Be kind.
The world needs more of this.

As for Greece – miss it every day!













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