Greek Lemon Garlic Rice

knorr chicken boullion, sensations basmati rice bag, lemon, garlic, grater, onion, wood cutting board

Boring side dishes can actually make you hate planning meals.

This Greek Lemon Garlic Rice is not only the BEST rice side I’ve ever made but it also makes an awesome cold Lemon Garlic Rice Salad for lunch!

Easy! So easy and with so much zesty garlicky flavour.

Little known fact:
  I only add my all time favorite recipes to our blog.
Partially because I feel if you find a good recipe you have a duty to your fellow food eaters to share it but mostly because I NEVER want to lose these recipes and when I travel I can just refer to Knot Anchored for all my absolute faves.

Here’s your side dish for tonight.

1 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 onion diced

1 cup uncooked basmati rice ( my fave)
1 lemon
2 cups of chicken bouillion
2 garlic cloves
Pepper and Salt to taste

your uncooked rice and diced onions in the olive oil till rice is golden toasty looking..
ADD zest of one lemon and minced garlic cook 1 minute
ADD chicken bouillon and bring to a boil -stir once.
LOWER heat and simmer with lid on (no stirring) until you see holes/craters forming in the rice.
REMOVE from heat and let stand 5 minutes.
STIR in juice of one lemon and S & P to taste.

Look! A lemon shish kebab!
I saw a post online where they did this to get lemon juice out of a lemon easily.

If your making this recipe your lemon will look more like this:
Not nearly as photogenic since we already grated the sucker!
Anyways, the toothpick didn’t really work for me BUT if you jam a knife up there and give a little turn, when you squeeze the juice does flow nicely with no seeds!

Simple food with fresh flavours is the best.
Regular rice is ok but THIS rice is …
Let’s put it this way, ‘why be good when you can be great!’

Making side dishes great again.  Thank you Greek inspired flavours!

Check out the Greek Lemon Garlic Rice Salad for any leftovers.
If you never have leftovers – double this recipe so you do 🙂

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