This labour of love and sweat is finished.

Oh ya it was easy peasy.

We just went from this:


To this:IMG_9719

And Ta Daaaaa:Boshkung Rock Wedding night

This is her, all prettied up the night before the wedding. Yes – Knot Anchored got Anchored!
Twinkle lights up top, Edison bulbs strung around the fire-pit and dance area and a popcorn machine awaited all of our favorite people to come spend the day (some the weekend).

Let’s back this up a bit.
Exactly 1 year from the date where we got engaged and in the exact spot!
The wedding day happened to be EXTREMELY hot for mid September.
It was with great relief when a lone cloud came over us while we were exchanging our vows.

Kind of epic sunbeam happening here.


Unbiased opinion it was a great gathering filled with a lot of love.
And dogs, also filled with dogs – all of whom were of poodle heritage weirdly enough and dressed in their finest garb.

dog collage
What more could anyone ask for.

The title of this post is deceptive…
It should read ‘The OUTSIDE of this labour of love and sweat is finished’.

House is looking amazing from the outside.  And most of the essentials are in place.
No heat – yet.
No stairs.
No flooring.
Yet is the operative word here.

Unbeknownst to me until now, apparently there are 73 million crappy, back breaking jobs to do before you can order your furniture and plan your house warming.

Let’s keep this post positive.

We’ve come a long way baby.
Not stopping now!

NOTE:  We remain knot anchored in spirit and continue along seeking adventure and the unknown as we go!


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