Ahhh retirement – Work work work

You know that picture you get in your mind when someone says they’re going to Greece? Well we do things a little differently.

Here’s a peak at how we’re spending some of our time here in Greece.

Deep in the bilge

We have a few things on the go and it just so happens that zero of those projects are in the ‘fun’ stage yet.

Ok not entirely true, the fun for us is actually the work part. Once we get to said ‘fun’ stage we’re already onto the next.

Controlled chaos of boat life

It’s off season (Nov 5th everything touristy shits down) here in Greece and we’re putting in the time to do some long overdue maintenance (thanks to c*vid travel bans).

Bilge cleaning fun fun fun

ANY time a boat sits for an extended period of time she gets mad.

The longer she sits, the angrier she gets.


The chandleries and boat shops here are amazing. Absolutely everything you could possibly need is within a 1/2hr drive.

Living in the sticks

The weather is also perfect! I’d compare October/November here in Greece to a late Canadian summer.

Preveza area seems to get more fog and rain than central regions like Athens experience.

Warm days, cool nights with the odd thunderstorm.

At the end of a hard days work we like to take the edge off with a nice cold shot of Ouzo.

Ouzo is a traditional Greek liquor which we’re just starting to learn about.

A gallon of Ouzo!

We didn’t buy this particular jug of ouzo but I guess it’s good to know it’s available?

Lots of people regularly say stuff like ‘must be nice to be retired’ and not have a job.

And we laugh and laugh!

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. OPA!

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