Road tripping around Lefkadas

The rule here is to make hay when the sun shines. We work when it’s nice out and wander when the weather turns.

enter winter storm Eva

Stormy Kathisma Beach Greece

I’m guessing the weather gets pretty severe around here seeing as you get an alert on your phone when something wicked is this way coming.

We got a storm alert for Eva on this particular weekend, 1st winter storm of the year here in Greece.

It looked clear enough at the time so off we went for a drive to the island of Lefkadas.

In order to get over to Lefkadas you need to cross a small bridge which is not a bridge at all but a hybrid bridge ferry.

Lefkadas ferry/ bridge system

Cars line up to get over and boats line up to get through. Robot walk Steve? Really?! Every single time lapse.

Lefkadas ferry/bridge

The ferry/bridge captain does a spinnaroo and everyone gets to where they’re going.

Every time we come here (1/2 hr away) we wonder: what’s up yonder in those mountains.

This is what we found.

Beautiful view of the town.

Overlooking Lefkadas city centre

Coming down off one of the hills we found Kathisma Beach.

Kathisma Beach, Lefkadas Greece in November
Photo credit: not in November

Fairly crowded in the summertime as you can see above.

Kathisma Beach pano

We like it better now – when no one’s here.

As we went back up the hill we got this stunning view of the beach.

A turquoise jewel in the distance.

Overlooking Kathisma Beach Greece

Every town we went through was shut down for the season.

This is shocking to me because the weather fluctuates between 21 to 25 Celsius this time of year.

For a Canadian that’s called summertime.

For a Greek I guess that’s called ‘shut her down we’re all freezing and everyone’s gone’ time.

Too bad the flight is so long to get here otherwise Canadians would happily reside / vacation here during their winters (which are actually freezing cold and wintery). We’d fill this place right up!

As we head back over the ferry/ bridge thingy going back to our boat it’s highly evident the weather is deteriorating.

I’m looking at the water and it’s got this washing machine look to it which is never good for boaters.

But hey, we’re in a car! Let’s open the window (cause looking through the window is clearly not sufficient) and see what’s what.

Wow it’s really kicking up out there, open the window for a closer look…

Not gonna lie, I totally deserved that full on face smack from the ocean.

Splashed but still laughing

We made it home before Eva opened up the skies with her thunder and lightning event.

The show was impressive to watch through the hatch above our heads in our cabin (like looking up in a storm with goggles on) and lasted 2 days.

Thanks for the mini break in work Eva❤️

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