Animals of Greece – sheep herd

You might say who cares? Animals are animals.

I disagree. The animals here in Greece seem…content.

Cats get along with dogs.

People feed and water them. No one goes without.

Farm animals graze and wander freely under sunny skies in lush green valleys.

There’s harmony here like nowhere else we’ve been.

Let’s look at the sheep of the Aktio region.

Who really knows where they’re from or where they’re going.

Look at them just roaming the streets.

Hmm what are we looking at here?

The shepherd is way behind these guys in his pick up truck.

What if they go rogue and turn off into a field?

How does this whole shepherding thing work without a dog corralling them?

These are real questions! I’m not a farmer.

Sheep in the turning lane.

The shepherd told us to give a little honk and go ahead and pass them.

So we did, and they all got in the turning lane which cracked us up.

And then I thought, what if he didn’t want them to get into the turning lane and now he’s gotta shepherd them back somehow?

Clearly overthinking on this one!

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