Leopard 47 freezer seal

At any given time there’s at LEAST 3 other things that need to be repaired or upgraded on a catamaran and are more important than the freezer seal.

Leopard 47 freezer seal replacement

The freezer seal always gets pushed back.

Passively searching for a rubber seal in our chandlery hopping adventures, not really expecting to find it, we got lucky at a local hardware store.

Leopard 47 freezer seal refresh

Ok! We’ve got the seal.

Let’s put it over here on the back corner ledge so we don’t feel any pressure about putting it on.

Also, let’s move it around randomly.

Even with seal in our possession this project got pushed to the end of the list.

Leopard 47 freezer door

I have a feeling that this little galley refresh hovers in the back of many Leopard owners minds.

Leopard 47 seal repair approved

It’s a small thing but a necessary thing.

  • Remove the old seal
  • clean thoroughly with alcohol
  • replace with new seal.

And now, that it’s finally done we can find some other small refresh/upgrade that needs to be ignored.

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