Zakynthos Greece – Shipwreck Bay

Zakynthos Greece.

Maybe you’ve never heard of it.

Shipwreck beach is on Zakynthos island. It’s given name is Navagio Beach which worked until the bootlegging ship went astray and found itself ashore in 1984. Hence the name Shipwreck.

It’s probably one of the most recognizable photos of a beach when you google Greece.

The water, the cliffs and the sky create this symphony of naturally occurring opposites and it is stunning.

But there’s more to Zakynthos…

We like off season travel, it’s no secret. Travelling when no one is around allows us the freedom to explore all tourist traps with zero line ups.

Could it be as stunning as the pics online?

I have a baby generation 6 iPhone and these are my UNTOUCHED pictures.

Wow! This place got a resounding Wow from us.

We would not have even got close to lookout point if it were summer.

This is the ship. She’s dug in quite nicely now and makes a great backdrop for your beach day.,q_85/vzzovvkcmtud6jmhgyqi/greece-navagio-shipwreck-beach.jpg

Just look at all the people ⬆️

To get to the beach you either hire a boat or hike down from the lookout.

There are many bus tours available to drop you at the top where the lookout is.

One of the larger lookout areas was fenced off when we were there.

This ittt bitty non sanctioned height level fence is where, after lining up for at least an hour if not more, you can lean over, extending your selfie stick as far as your arm can take it, and hope you get a good shot.

And also not plunge to your death below.

I got MANY shots and they were all good!

Whilst I was taking my life in my hands for the sake of a beautiful photo, Stevo had his own mandate locating car noises.

We had been roaming the countryside, mountains and goat paths of Greece for awhile. They can be hard on a little car.

During these adventures we volleyed between laughing our asses off and sitting quietly praying for a good outcome.

Ok that was more me than Stevo.

Anyways, there was a noise…the where, and the why doesn’t matter #itsarental

It was a rather jarring noise that had no real rhyme or reason to it so rather than get stranded in the middle of an island devoid of all its residents we needed to put eyes on it.

Finally a ramp type ledge we could put the car up on presented itself at this lookout. A lookout for more than one thing apparently lol

One day I shall compile a collage of all of our rentals.

Safe to say we both put our lives on the line that day.

One under a car and one over a fence.

We survived. Happy to report the car did not have any mortal wounds.

And we found the trail to go down and see the wreck.

There was another couple we seen here wandering around, they must of went to the wreck.

Gauging by the blackness of the clouds it was definitely going to rain in the next 30 minutes or so.

I mean we’re here right?

I did the mental math of the path down to the beach. Easy going down = hellish coming up.

It was decided, we bid a farewell to this hike idea. I was not heartbroken.

And wished the couple down below favourable light for all their selfies and whatnot.

The ride around the island was breathtaking.

Funny how you leave such an epic spot like Shipwreck and not even THINK about anymore scenic stops.

Like mic drop, that was awesome let’s head home.

We did not know there was more ahead.

Popped into what looked like just a parking lot rest stop and spent the rest of my phone battery life taking pictures and videos here.

Wild tumultuous seas here.

I wish we’d found this place earlier. There is no fancy tourist name.

It’s Porto Limnionas in the Agios Leon region of Zakynthos.

So if you happen to be driving around Zakynthos reading this blog post – do not miss this spot! Turn around if you have to.

We are the main source of our entertainment!

Epic sunset spot.

And that my friends is Zakynthos.

Got here by ferry, leaving by ferry. Don’t let anything stop you from coming here.

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