A is for Antigua and B is for Barbuda

With a new set of friends aboard and our sights set on BVI it was time to say good bye to Antigua.But not before doing some pre planning of course..

With all he nautical doo dads laid out and the invaluable iPhone there really was only one thing missing.

A snack!


Zucchini Fritters!

Just for fun we thought we’d check out the Super Uber Mega Fabulous Yacht Show before leaving.
See how the other half play.

If you could have anything on your Mega Yacht, what would it be?

How’s about a spa…

It’s a little blurry but you get the idea.

A spa at water level.  With spa people running it and making you even more relaxed on your Vacay.
I guess if you have to put something down there…
Usually that’s where they pull in the jet skis and motorized floaties.
I like this idea better!

Meanwhile back in the Great Gray North the weather is weirdly warm upsetting all the snow enthusiasts.


This to shall pass people.
You know it’s coming, I say enjoy driving stress free while you can!

Off we went sailing to Barbuda.
What goes on there?
Does anyone go there?
Is that what they sing in that song – Barbuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama…
Now it’s in your head isn’t it – sorry about that.

Threw out some lines.
Caught this beauty.


And this one…
Does anyone know what the heck this is?

The identifier on this fish is a bright blue line along it’s spine.
Cannot figure this one out – we ate it anyways lol!

Once we dodged all the coral heads.


We arrived upon this scene…


See the puffy perfect clouds?
Seriously that’s all the words I have for this – wait one more, BREATHTAKING!

The sunset was equally stunning what with the crashing of the waves on the reef in the distance and whatnot!


Did a little research on Barbuda.


Jumped into the dinghy.


And off we went exploring.


There is no tourism per se here.
Love this shot – the wood is just amazing!

Caught the tail end of a school parade going down the road.

It was a one horse sort of town …
And here he was.

Did a 4 mile trek that day it was absolutely beautiful.

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