Dirty Good Times for All!


Capella Marina in Marigot Bay a treat to ourselves.Beautiful during the day and at night.

Doesn’t even look real it’s that pretty.
They treat you like GOLD here, can’t find a reason to not make this a destination on our way back up the chain.
So we didn’t.
Decided to share it with our friends.

This is our fruit Santa – he wears his Santa hat all year long.
This morning we needed bananas and he… needed a shot of Fireball!
Win win I say!

This was going to be a busy day.
Our time together was counting down and we needed, more than anything, to hit the mud baths.

So we got ourselves a driver, a very patient man!

Is this thing on?!

Off we went.

We didn’t get far from the marina when we hit this lookout.

There’s Knot Anchored in the middle of the bay!

The Pitons are a must see in St Lucia.

We got the shot!  They are the 2 pointy mountains in the background.

Now it was time to get dirty.

First you sit in this muddy hot tub with strangers to open up your pores.


Than you smear volcanic mud all over and stand drying in the sun.

With your friends 🙂

You have to admit the body art is a nice touch!

It is said that the mud takes 5-10 years off your age.

What we know for sure – is it makes your skin so soft and you just feel GOOD!

We asked the driver to take us to the waterfalls.

Totally thought we could rinse off in them.


Stevo’s face was getting pretty dried up at this point!

However this was not to be, this waterfall strictly forbid that.

Here’s the deal though the gardens surrounding Diamond Falls were SPECTACULAR!!

The flowers were like art!


Not a huge flower planter back home, my motto was if we can’t eat em what’s the point?!

Good advice.


So we enjoyed with our eyes and noses.




Ok just this last one.


Back to the boat for some serious Jenga!


A great meal at the Indian Restaurant in the Marina – family style.


Then before it began it was over.
Off on our last overnight sail to Martinique.

Martinique (2)
Waking up to the Paris of the Caribbean!


The end of this leg of our journey with friends.

IMG_1577For now…

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