Blue water and turtles everywhere!

Ahhh beautiful Tobago Cays, a smattering of little islands surrounded by the most brilliant blue water and oh ya TURTLES!This place is magic!
On a cloudy day you be like meh ok like everywhere else until the sun hits the water and KAPOW brilliant sparkly blue as far as the eye can see.
There are only 2 other places like this – Exumas and Turks and Caicos.
Maybe more?
We’ll let you know when we find em!

So we arrive and pay the Park Rangers.  This is a park with a turtle sanctuary.
Had a belt issue on the way here though so up goes the hatch and down goes Stevo.

Gotta admit there couldn’t be a more beautiful location to work on said belt!

Reminds me of snowmobiling when everyone has to stop every 10 miles to fix someone’s sled only without the snow and clothing!
Everyone gets in there – it’s a hatch belt fixing party!

I’m happy to report that the rest of the day was way more fun than this!

The ladies swam with or stalked (depending on how you look at it) turtles and the gentlemen went out to find the one opening in a massive reef just because.
The thing about participating in the adventures is you don’t take a camera.
You’re too busy – having fun as it should be 🙂

Swim with turtles – CHECK.
Time to move along.

Bequia was next on tour.  We love Bequia.

And we love Banana Bread and coffee!

This is one of the prettiest harbors we’ve ever been too.
There’s all the huge starfish scattered about for one.


And the water is ridiculously clear!
This looking 15 feet down!


The plan was to go for a tour today after getting yelled at…I mean signing in.

But most importantly…


There were selfies to be had!
So that’s what we look like huh.
Usually make fun of those people!


Oh well I guess we ARE those people and looking super cute in our hats so whatever!

Roamed around town looking for A) a driver and B) and ATM.

Just a man and his dog.


Ok a man and someone else’s dog (psst Kevin make this your profile pic it’s awesome)!

Group shot and off we go to explore Bequia with Lubin our driver!


So tropical.


Hope they never lose this natural beauty to any big name resort.

Even the streets are adorable all lined with wild tropical flowers.
Check out this lonely palm tree.

It’s so tall and gangly.
You’d think that it would have been snapped like a twig in one of these tropical storms.

There’s a yoga pose called the tree:

It’s a little tricky but an instructor once said if you start to lose balance just sway and return to the pose – trees sway.
Truer words never spoken.
That’s how that gangly Palm has survived this long – it sways.

Found the turtle sanctuary.
Oh sure they’re cute now…it’s funny now when the lil guy snaps at the tip of your finger.


Never mind, turtles, as a general rule are ALWAYS cute.

…the bigger ones aren’t going to leave you laughing!

Back to town.
I wonder if these school kids know there are children in other parts of the world so bundled up right now you can only tell which one’s yours by their snow suit!
Shhh let’s not tell them 😉


After another long day in paradise it’s time to head back to Knot Anchored and take in the sunset.

Do some swimming before it gets dark.

Which is so annoying here because of all the beautiful random flowers surrounding you and whatnot.

I’m pretty sure some Diva at some point said ” I want to swim surrounded by flowers, make it so.”
This harbor is filled with them!
Incidentally – not annoying at ALL!


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