Hey St Lucia Knot Anchored’s back!


It was inevitable, it had to happen, it was time to leave Bequia.
Tobago Cays and Bequia had found a solid spot in our heart’s memory.

Movin on.St Lucia was our next spot.

We all found our happy spots.


For some people the motion of the boat and the breeze just makes you tired.
So you give in to it.

IMG_1389Can’t think of any reason not too!

Another night sail ahead.

You never really expect to see anything on your night watch except the odd tanker or cruise ship.
It’s dark out and if it’s not lit up like a Christmas Tree you won’t see it.
Then again maybe you will, either way someone needs to be awake and ready to take action whatever the case.

I went down to get a head start on sleeping with a plan to get up at 11:30pm.
Heard some commotion as I drifted off but no one came and got me so off to lala land I went.

At night and I missed it.
Hey who knows maybe they’re out there all the time we just can’t see them?

We got to St Lucia early and started heading up the coast.
It really is lush and tropical.

Comparatively speaking, some islands don’t get much rain leaving them looking more brown and much less tropical.

This is MoonHole.


Quick story to bring everyone up to speed.
MoonHole was built in the 70’s by a couple from New York with absolutely no architectural background.

They loved this spot. So much in fact that they bought the whole tip of the island.

When they’re friends found out what they were doing they asked if they could also join in.
More buildings were built as well as a central common building.
Very commune like non?

The couple had been coming here for years to camp.
This picture is the exact spot where they would set up camp and illustrates beautifully why the name MoonHole.
Notice the gap above the building?
Apparently when the moon is full it comes through the hole shining brightly.

So romantic…

Notice the face in the rock above?
So sinister…

Nature can be weird.

We were here once before but never actually got this close.

They should make a movie about this place.

You can actually stay here, maybe not in the buildings shown here but up top further.
We saw a creepy old lady darting in behind the trees and down the stairs – all dressed in white.
Pretty sure she took a photo of us or had binoculars.

To be fair to the old doll, anything we could have seen moving there would have been creepy.
‘Look there!  Did you see that creepy supermodel with her creepy kittens.’

There’s a high creep factor here for sure.


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